Referrals & Fees

No referral is required if you do not intend to seek a rebate from Medicare, or to claim your therapy expenses on your tax return.



If you want to utilise the Better Access to Mental Health provisions, you will need to consult with your GP to obtain a referral You will also need your doctor's support to manage any medications you may require.


Private Health Insurance:

Some private health funds provide rebates for counselling services, but only if you have high-level ancillary cover, or a Bonus Package. Contact your health fund to check your eligibility.


Shared Care:

Sometimes counselling or therapy needs to proceed in conjunction with medical treatments such as anti-depressants. In that case I prefer to work as part of a 'team', along with your GP or Psychiatrist in a 'shared care' arrangement. This helps to provide you with the best possible care.